At Paramedical Tattoo Clinic, we offer an alternative to traditional laser tattoo removal methods.  

We use the latest and best non-laser, all-natural method of removing tattoos. Unlike laser tattoo removal, there are fewer treatments needed and fewer costs, and it removes all colours and is less painful than when the tattoo was put on.


Tattoo Vanish

Tattoo Vanish is a popular non-laser tattoo removal procedure that can remove your tattoo in 50-60% less treatments that laser tattoo removal. 

Undo Tattoo Method

Paramedical Clinic also uses UNDO Tattoo Removal System contain safe and natural ingredients that are free from saline and harsh acids and are therefore gentle and safe on your skin. 

Permanent Eyebrow Correction

At Paramedical Clinic we often get patients with blotched uneven eyebrows that need correction. 

Micropigmentation Correction

Often patient who have done SMP with an unexperienced technician end up with blotched SMP that has uneven or too low a hairline and large blowout dots. 

Before and After

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