Thinking of removing your SMP Scalp Micropigmentation treatment? There are many reasons why you may want to remove your SMP. Perhaps your procedure did not go as well as you hoped, and you’re looking to reverse or fix the entire treatment or a particular area? Or maybe you simply changed your mind?


SMP scalp micropigmentation is a permanent solution to hair loss.  This is important because it helps our clients to do away with hair loss related anxiety. All he needs to do is to keep his scalp shaved, clean and moisturized, and take reasonable precautions in the sun. The bottom line is that SMP Scalp Micropigmentation is intended as a permanent solution, not one that should be removed on a mere whim.
One should not consider a scalp micropigmentation treatment if removal is already at the front of their mind. Having this procedure should be permanent solution and a life-changing experience.

There is nothing wrong with having an awareness that there is a solution to remove a SMP procedure before doing a SMP treatment, and just as people have tattoo regret on their body, some people may have SMP regret on their scalp. For those wanting to remove their SMP treatments, there are basically three options – laser removal, saline removal, and our non-tattoo removal methods using Tattoo Vanish and UNDO Removal.

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