Frequently asked question (FAQ)

1. Long lasting results (unlike micropigmentation)

2. Will not change colour over time

3. Tanning is ok, colour does not change due to sun exposure.

The staff at Cosmetic Camouflage Clinic was trained at the world renown Fernanda Jaffre of Studio Magic Ink, located in Brazil. Fernanda was a student and protege to Rodolpho Torres is also world renowned for his Brazilian camouflage tattoo techniques.

1. Laser treatment

2. Skin grafting

3. Surgery

4. Cosmetic Camouflage Make-Up


Laser treatment, skin grafting, and surgery are very expensive treatments, often requiring may sessions and long down times to achieve the desired results. In comparison, cosmetic camouflage tattoo and cosmetic camouflage make-up are much more afordable that provide more immediate results.

Camouflage tattoo uses inorganic pigment which are insoluble. With micropigmentation, with time, the pigments are absorbed by the body. Because of this camouflage tattoo is a more permanant treatment whereas micropigmenation will discolour and fade. With camouflage tattoo, the pigment is deposited into the dermis of the skin, the layer after the epidermis. With micropigmentation, the pigment is deposited into the epidermis. The epidermis undergoes constant cellular renewal which causes the pigment to fade and eventually disappear over time.


It is vital to make sure that the technician with whom you will carry out your cosmetic camouflage is properly trained, having a deep knowledge in colorimetry of inorganic pigments, which is different from the colorimetry applied to micropigmentation.
We use the micropigmentation technique on another type of treatment called SMP scalp micropigmentation where individual pigment dots are inserted into the epidermis of the scalp to create the illusion of real hair follicles (see hairtattoo.ca).

1. Scars


2. Stretchmarks


3. Vitigio


4. White Spots


5. Stains


1. Scars we can treat

We can treat accident scars, surgical scars (c-section, tummy tuck, breast implants, or any kind of surgery). self-inflicted scars, tattoos that are lighter that your skin colour, and burn scars. For scar tissue, we recommend the scar to heal for at least 18 months (during this time it may still change colours),

Scars older than 2 years
Dark or white scars are treatable
Normotrophic scars (flat)
Hypertrophic scars (raised)
Atrophic scars (indented eg.acne)
Contracture scars (burns)


2. Stretchmarks

Stretchmarks should look white or colourless. If they are still redish in colour, then they are still in the inflammation condition and need to wait until they become white or colourless. Stretchmarks can be normotrophic (flat), hypertrophic (raised), or atrophic (indented linear bands). Patients with stretchmarks due to childbirth should wait 24 months for the stretchmarks to regenerate and completely heal before doing camouflage.


3. Vitiligo

We can do all skin tones from vitiligo, however due to the condition of vitiligo, the treatment does not last more than 1 year and further touchups are required. We can only do small areas at a time due to koebner syndrome.


4. White Spots

Idiopathic Guttate Hypomelanosis (IGH) is a benign and asymptomatic skin manifestation characterized as diffuse hypopigmented macules, or white spots. The size of the lesions varies from 1-10mm, but are most commonly 1-3 mm in diameter.


5. Stains

Stains such as Port-Wine Stains can be done with our camouflage tattoo treatment. Often laser therapy is used for Port-Wine Stains, however this is not always successfull. We can use camouflage tattoo treatment on stains.

We do not do keloid scars or spots due to fungle infection such as Pityriasis versicolor. In terms of age, we do not do fresh scars or stretchmarks that are less than 18 months old.

We recommend Covermark Foundation for dark circles under the eyes.

Everyone's skin type is different. Varables include age, skin elasticity, how deep your scar or stretchmarks are, and how you heal. On average it takes about 40 days for your skin to heal after the treatment. It takes about 1-2 weeks for the redness to go away after the treatment. The scar marks will look darker initially, but will fade to it's desired colour after it's completely healed.

No, we don't want to interfere with the purity of the ink that's deposited into the scar. From a scale of 1-10, 10 being the most painful, most clients say it's about a 5 or 6.

This varies as well from person to person. On average, just 1 or 2 sessions is required for a completed camouflage tattoo procedure. The 1st session is usually the longest, taking 1-3 hours to complete. The 2nd session is more a touchup session and takes about 1 hour. For very large areas, we may need to split the sessions into 2 or 3 appointments.

Our cost depends on coverage area. The range is usually between $1500-$3500 per area covered. Yearly touch-up if required is $500/hr. Usually takes 2-3 hours for each session and usually 2 to 3 separate sessions are required. We do offer payment plans from creditmedical.com.

You should refrain from hard exercise 2 days before and 3 days afterwards, drink plenty of water, avoid junk foods, and stay out of the sun.

1. Pregnancy

2. Breast feeding

3. Tanned skin

4. Hemophilic

5. Type 2 Diabetes

6. Under 18 years old without parental consent

For those who want immediate results at affordable prices, we offer Covermark, the world leader in cosmetic camouflage make-up. Covermark can perfectly conceal any major or minor skin imperfection. It's the only company to win a US patent and is the only facial make-up ideal for serious skin imperfections and discolorations such as angiomas, burns, vitiligo, birth marks, and scars.



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